I’m just showing off my new plugs from @evolvejewelry. Ebony with HUMAN SKULL inlays. The plugs was originally given to me by @djackson999 but the were a bit to small so @johndurante, who had an angels patience with me as I can be ridiculously confused, helped me to re-fit the plugs. BIG UP TO ALL OF YOU! ❤️ I love them! #evolvejewelry #evolveseattle #calmbodymod #humanskull #ebony #holyswastika #swastika #sacredsymbol #iamnotguilty #dreads #largelobes #bodymodxchange #bodymoddotorg #bmezine (på/i CALM Bodymod - Piercings and Modifications)

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Face daggers #scarification #ryanpba

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girls who randomly decide to send nudes are very important 

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Video of the Day, December 24th, 2013 // Skier: Edollo, NickE, Randy // Credit: Emil Granöö

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Its kinda crazy how drastically this set looks depending on the lighting!

5mm Rutilated Quartz Rod and 12mm Oval labret. Can’t wait to get a peak of the fine gentleman who will be wearing that 5mm rod in his stretched bridge. Enjoy sir!

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